Monday, November 27, 2023

Fruits & Veggies Series

Hello internet! Unfortunately I was not able to attend my second Pancakes and Booze art show this September due to horrible weather that day and the fact that it was being done outside. I arrived at the place and as they were setting up an outdoor tent, I decided to not attend that day since it was pouring rain like crazy. Sorry :|

As of today, the new Fruits & Veggies series is up on my website. This just randomly started after a friend saw the initial Tomato drawing and asked if I was making a fruit series. Then I realized a tomato can simultaneously be both a fruit and a veggie, therefore I continued with vegetables too. I will be adding a few more in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Monday, June 26, 2023

Looney World NFTs + 1st Art Fair


I often forget to post updates here, but that's because most of my updates these days occur over Twitter. Anyhow, it's been an epic 2023 so far:

In March I released my first official series of NFTs called Looney World NFT. This was an interesting experiment and indeed it took long hours, days and weeks to get everything ready. The hardest part was getting the website Metamask logging and furthermore displaying the NFTs on the site. I have to say this was probably the biggest blocker. The actual creation of setup and blockchain handling of the NFTs happened over AutoMinter, a tool a highly recommend if you ever work on your own NFT project. Finally, the social media and community engagement was as always quite rough. I was well aware I was releasing an NFT collection during a massive NFT bear market, but I still had a lot of fun. The Discord channel is still alive, although not very active. The channel has mainly become a way of keeping the community up to date, but not much more unfortunately. I will keep working on the collection, there are a few web updates coming up and I'm planning on releasing exclusive content only for NFT holders. A Looney World NFT Series 2 may be on the horizon, probably for 2024.

On another note, I will be finally exposing and selling my art at an art fair / event called "Pancakes and Booze". This will occur on July 20 in Brooklyn, NY and I am getting ready by setting up prints, books, trading cards and more! I'm really looking forward to my first in person art event :)

Finally, as always I've been uploading new artwork to both Instagram and my website, trying out a few new things and enjoying myself.

Hope you all have a great summer, take care of yourself!

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Big web updates


Welcome to 2023! It has certainly been a long time, but here I am once again. I took a nice long break in December, went to Europe for 3 weeks and had a real blast. As always, the thing I missed the most was making art, so once I got back I went straight into my hobby.

Here is a list of everything going on at the moment:

  • NFT project: The project is ready for launch and will drop an exclusive post here about it soon. The mint is set for launch through Autominter and I'm aiming for end of February / beginning of March. However, I'm trying to set a community on Discord and there is an Alphabot running to sign-up. Depending on how many people have signed up, I may extend the date by a few more weeks but no more than that. Regardless of the reception, this will just be the beginning and new collections may follow.
  • Server side rendering: The site has always suffered from SEO problems. To be honest, the Google search visitors have always been low. The main reason was easy: Links across the site were not easy to discover and I never had server side rendering. For the past week, I spent a considerable amount of hours setting SSR to run on my site and finally achieved it. This together with an automated sitemap.xml will hopefully bring a lot of SEO enhancements. The first page to load (you can test it by hitting Refresh on any site) will now be super fast since all the content is returned straight from the server -- no more waiting spinner on the first load.
  • Grid view page: This new page (see image above) has the purpose to also help on SEO. The artwork collection pages (digital and ink) which have had an on-demand infinite scroller since forever, even though they got amazing performance for the user, they were really hurting the search engines crawlers. These new pages (see all digital and all ink) will for sure help out finding content across the site.
  • New artworks: As always, the latest artworks are found on my Instagram page. I have yet to do a big content update on the site, which will probably come some time today or tomorrow. Because of the NFT project, the amount of digital drawings last year was huge! Expect a big update on the site :)
Til next time!

Friday, October 28, 2022

NFT collection!

 Hello fellow followers! Once again reporting here after a few months. I hope everyone is doing alright in this crazy world we are living in.

For the last few months I have been deeply focused on the comeback of digital artworks and got around digitalizing a bunch of previously created inky drawings. I've really enjoyed doing that, together with creating brand new artworks. The goal is not only that, I have also been gathering the best digital artworks from the last few years and making a brand new NFT collection that I'm hoping to release in the near future.

The NFT collection will consist of 50 NFTs with multiple editions each. They will all look similar to collectible stickers, with a name and an assigned number. Of course, owning these will bring benefits such as airdrops of new NFTs in the future and possibly a printed version of the cards. For the time being, I'm just working out the details and figuring out how to start an NFT community to get traction on this project. If you would like to be part of this, please reach out to me on Instagram! @okcerk

Meanwhile, I'll be enjoying my first fall here in NYC! Stay safe!

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Long time ago in a galaxy far far away

Well it's been indeed a while and life has been hectic! Back in November I decided to leave everything behind and go spend some time in Europe with no real plan whatsoever. Well that turned into this great 4-month adventure throughout Portugal, Spain, Canary Islands, Italy, Switzerland and Paris. Indeed one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) trip I've ever done. The photo above is from a Keith Haring exposition in Pisa, Italy.

But this meant I had no access to my dear Wacom tablet, or a proper computer setup to keep working on digital artworks. That's why everything you see on my IG page -- which is the most up to date spot for my artworks -- has been ink artworks. I'm now back to America, trying to sort out my life in the next few months and as soon as I'm settled again, I'll be back to the digital world.

One thing I have realized is that even though it's been years since I purchased my Wacom tablet, hand-drawing on paper is still what suits me the most. I have a few ideas on my mind regarding what's coming next: a site refresh probably to display multiple tiles on each section, finishing up the final episode of Escuadron 37 and coming up with new NFT and drawing projects.


Monday, November 1, 2021

The obligatory Halloween post


Happy Halloween! And what a year it's been eh? There hasn't been much improvement since my last post, but here we are. I'm still doing the same old stuff but drawing is still my escape out of reality and somehow what keeps me sane during these hard times. 

I'm still trying to figure out the best way to promote my NFT collection, not really to make any money but to somehow have a group of people collect my art if possible, that'd be amazing.

I made some progress on the final episode of Escuadron 37, but there's still so much work to be done there. The script is complete and 90% of the voices have been recorded, which is fantastic. I just need to sit down and spend more time on it...

The photo above was my last minute Halloween costume idea, which turned out to be great!

I'm also looking at moving cities, will keep you all posted. Oh and I'm flying to Europe for a month and a half, I may write from there.

Have a fun time!

Thursday, July 8, 2021

Mid-year update!

Well it's been a long time since I wrote here! It's for sure been a crazy year for me, after spending almost four months in my home country of Argentina, I got back to the US and took me a while to finally decide to rent a place again (instead of keeping travelling). I'm now settled again for the time being -- which will probably last one or two years until I go crazy once again :)

But what about my art? As you have seen, most of this time I spent outside of Seattle, I did not have access to my Wacom tablet. In fact, it was just resting in my car's trunk for the longest time! So ink artworks were the only solution to survive, but it worked out! I think I drew more than ever before during this period though. I'm back to the digital days now, without forgetting about inky doodles in between!

I also uploaded the whole original Escuadron 37 series (in argentine spanish) to my Instagram account, feel free to go check it out. I still need to add subtitles to the episodes, I think only the first few got them so far.

Finally, I created an NFT collection for my digital art on OpenSea! I'm slowly adding more and more, and will probably feature most digital artworks coming in the future. I'll also be adding links to the NFTs in their corresponding artwork pages, together with direct interaction to the ethereum blockchain if possible! Go check it out for now: Okcerk's Digital Masterpieces

That's it for now, I'll keep you all posted! Have a great summer!

Fruits & Veggies Series

Hello internet! Unfortunately I was not able to attend my second Pancakes and Booze art show this September due to horrible weather that day...